Château de Chambrun

The Revival

In a few short years, the Bordeaux region has reached a new touristic and economically rich era. We wish to associate this new regional impetus with the potential of the Château de Chambrun to be counted among the best references of the “Right Bank”. 


Our team has a mission to accompany the Château de Chambrun in this evolution. Animated by the passion of rugby and the great wines of Bordeaux, we will diversify the tourism activity of the vineyard to offer you a unique experience.





Our Philosophy

No gesture is without meaning. Men are guided by their spirit and adaptation to the environment. The typicity and the character of our wines naturally emanate from our terroir and the climatic influences, but a wine can only be sublimated by man. 

Château de Chambrun

Team Photo

Here is our dynamic and passionate team, working together to develop and constantly progress the Chambrun and Moncets vineyards.


Standing in the background :Patrick Javanaud, Damien Delest, Julien Noël
Standing in the middle row :Frederic Tillard, Mathieu Anguellu
Front row :Christopher Poulain, Marie Troquereau, Nathalie Fouché, Eric Courrian, Antoine Bourseau
Not pictured :Sylvie Javanaud


Château de Chambrun

A young and experienced team

Château de Chambrun

Sustainable development

In addition to the integrated viticulture, or “lutte raisonnée”, applied to our vineyards since several years, we are in the process of earning the distinction SME (Environmental Management System).


This distinction “aims to reduce the impact of a company on the environment while improving its overall performance.” The ISO 14001 standard certifies all the vineyards of proper energy and water management, reduction of treatments, phytosanitary traceability, waste management and improvement of biodiversity.


With this environmental approach, a pond has been created on the northern part of the Castle gardens. Our goal is to increase the biodiversity of the fauna and flora in the area thanks to this water source, thus creating an independant ecosystem.