Château Moncets

Lalande de Pomerol

Created in 1770, the Château Moncets estate is our oldest vineyard and bears the name of the Général de Moncets, who bought it in 1872. Repurchased many years later in 2012 by a French family-owned company, the vines and cellars have since been fully renovated and rehabilitated in order to sustain the estate and thus integrate into it a second vineyard, Château de Chambrun. The production of Chateau Moncets has evolved through a more elaborate and refined winemaking process, enhanced further by its newly designed bottle label.


  • Area: 19,00 hectares
  • Soil: Clay
  • Planting density: about 6000 vine stocks / ha
  • Average age of the vines: about 40 years old


  • Naturally grown grass in vineyards
  • Conversion to organic farming practices


  • Gravity flow cellar
  • Grape sorting table DREAM + AIRFLOW system
  • Aged 16 months in French oak barrels – 1/4 of new oak & 3/4 of 1 year oak