Moncets & Chambrun

Château Moncets
AOC Lalande de Pomerol

Created in 1770, the Château Moncets estate is our oldest vineyard and bears the name of the Général de Moncets who bought it in 1872. Repurchased many years later in 2012 by a French Britain owner, the vines and cellars have since been fully renovated and rehabilitated in order to sustain the estate and thus integrate into it a second vineyard, Château de Chambrun.

The production of Chateau Moncets has evolved with a new purified packaging style and a winemaking process focus on a fresher and fruitier style. Today, Château Moncets regroups 21 parcelles on dark clay for a total of 19 hectares.

Moncets’ topography, with positions facing east, west and south, highlight an incredible abundance of micro-climates and a terroir suitable for enhancing the Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties. At the same time, its characteristics that make it a unique terroir, allow us to carry out an extremely thorough intra-plot selection.

Moncets & Chambrun

Château de Chambrun
AOC Lalande de Pomerol

The Chateau Chambrun property was established between the World Wars by the Cholet family when it was known as “Clos de Chambrun”, a name originating from one of the plots called “Champ Brun” or “Brown Field” in English. The This property belonged to Jean-Philippe Janoueix until 2007, then to Silvio Denz until 2015.

It is now our flagship vineyards and represents a new generation of winegrowing at our estates, in turn having provided remarkable benefits since its revitalisation in 2015. We have also preserved for the Chambrun and Moncets label design the Templars’ Cross, the historic symbol of the Pomerol appellations.

As of 2019, the area of Chateau de Chambrun is spread out over 13.80 hectares.

The 10 ha are dispatched in 5 different areas all implanted on the gravely clay terroir of Neac village, the exact continuation of the “plateau” of Pomerol across the appellation border. Mostly Merlot with a high quality due to its homogeneity coming from large massal selection restructuration.


Moncets & Chambrun

The Revival

Over the last few years, Bordeaux and its environs have entered a new erea of success both economically and in tourism. Vineyards Moncets & Chambrun look to harness this new regional impetus through the development and realisation of its own potential. It is our intention to establish the vineyards as being the diversification of tourist activities at our vineyard and to offer our visitors a truly unique biodiversity experience.


Moncets & Chambrun

The team

Here is our dynamic and passionate team, working together to develop the
Vineyards Moncets & Chambrun.

From the left to the right :
Carlina Di Santo, Eric Courrian, Clémence Blancand, Julien Noël, Bruno Chaminade, Arnaud Martin, Jéromine Clos, Quentin Forlacroix, Julien Miossec

Absentees : 
Frédéric Tillard, Marie Troquereau

Julien Noël

Managing director

After graduating from the School of Viticulture and Œnology at “Château La Tour Blanche” in his hometown of Sauternes, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Wine Business and Marketing from the “International Wine Institute – INSEEC” in Bordeaux.

Julien made his way as assistant winemaker during 2 years in the Graves area and then abroad as a wine retail store manager in New Zealand.

Upon his return to Bordeaux in 2012, Julien took over export management for several estates in the vineyards of southern Bordeaux.

In 2016, he joined Moncets and Chambrun as business manager before to become managing director in 2019

Bruno Chaminade

Cellar master

Truly man of the Libourne vineyard, Bruno was graduated of La Tour Blanche and Montagne Saint Emilion schools while is he was doing in intership at Vignobles Comtes Von Neipperg. 

After 3 months in a cellar in Australia, Bruno has started his cellar master career with 2 successful experiences in 2 top Grand Crus Classes vineyards in St Emilion. Château Teyssier 2005-2011 and Château de Pressac 2011-2018. 

He joined Moncets and Chambrun vineyards in April 2018.

Arnaud Martin

Vineyard manager

The man from Sancerre learned the ropes with Alphone Mellot himself from 1990 until 1997.

He arrived in Bordeaux in 1997 to take over the cellar management at Vignobles Joseph Janoueix.

In 2007, he went to Lebanon and Syria to assist the famous winemaker consultant, Derenoncourt, in some private vineyards. Back to France in 2010, he took the position of technical director (TD) for some family vineyards. In 2015, he moved as TD to the Grand Cru Classe St Emilion Chateau Fonplégade.

Five years later, he became estate manager of a family vineyard in St Emilion satellite.

He joined Moncets and Chambrun Vineyards in August 2022

Moncets & Chambrun

Organic Winegrowing

In addition to the integrated viticulture (or “lutte raisonnée”) having been applied to our vineyards over the last several years, we are in the process of gaining organic farming certification.

Indeed, the conversion of a Bordelais vineyard into organic production takes time, much energy and plenty of determination, with our vineyards’ transition enduring 3 years of strict application of the “AB” rules.

This was a decision we took earlier this year, one eventually following 2012’s comprehensive vineyard and cellar restructuring, the result of which being that our passionate and dynamic team can now work in a very respectful and generous environment – one that has already given us so much. In this way, we can guarantee a better future for our centuries-old vineyards.