Build an educational farm

Since the beginning of our organic transition, we decided to go further and improve the biodiversity at the vineyards.

Also included in this environmental approach is the creation of a pond on the northern part of the castle’s gardens for the purpose of increasing the biodiversity of the area’s flora and fauna. Thanks to this water resource, we are able to establish an independent ecosystem.

The forest of Château Moncets is in the middle of the vineyards. Inside these 2 hectares, we have installed 3 beehives and plenty of perches for birds and bats. They are essentiel for fighting against insects ravaging the vines.

In the northern area of this forest, we are developping our educational farm with chicken, goats and sheep from Ouessant’s island. They ensure for us, an eco-pasture all over the vineyards.


Sheep of Ouessant island

Native from a small french britanic island, this is the smallest breed of sheep in France. They are robust and very efficient for mowering the grass despite their tiny height ! 

Our herd is componed by 12 heads now : 5 males and 7 females.



At the vineyards, every spring we install 3 beeehives.

These artisans of biodiversity pollinate many flowers around the vineyards and help to increase the flora diversity.

They produce some delicious honey that we sell on our online shop ! 


Ditches goats

This french goat breed is known for its rusticity.

The two male goats help us to keep clean the ditches in between the plots. They are excellent cleaners ! 



Many perches has been installed at the top of the trees in the park of Moncets, in order to garantee a shed for birds and bats. They are amazing natural pesticides. 

One bat can eat up to 2000 insects in one night !