Vines to cellar

A Terroir

“At the crossroads of the Pomerol
and Saint Emilion vineyards,
two major wine houses are reborn in the land
of the Templars: Château Moncets and Château de Chambrun
in Lalande-de-Pomerol

Vines to cellar

Our Viticulture and Vinification Techniques

In the spring of 2015, a modern and ambitious technical direction was defined and taken at Château Chambrun with an aim to limit the impacts of climate change on our wines and to promote the expression of our terroir. We achieve this through new viticultural techniques and by regular, incremental updates and improvements to our winemaking facilities. This is also why we work our plots individually, from pruning to blending, making a strict selection in order to adapt to their natural characteristics. 


Another step taken to improve quality came in 2012 when work with renowned French œnologist Michel Rolland began. Originally from Château Le Bon Pasteur in Pomerol (just 400 meters from the Château Moncets vineyards), Rolland and his team were the natural choice for technical consultation. Then, in 2018, we began working with Thomas Duclos, oenologist partner of Laboratoire Oenoteam, and whith whom we've been ever since.


Below you'll find listed many of our winemaking techniques, along with our winemaking  and viticultural team :


A new cellar

In September 2015, we installed a new 1,850 hl vinification vat and constructed a 350 -barrel- capacity cellar.This refit is our prized possession, allowing us to improve our work by plot selection up until the final blend. A pure concrete, thermally regulated vat, it favours temperatures' inertia, allowing for a significant reduction in energy consumption.


Grape reception by gravity

This instalment completes our new technical structure: we use no pumps; instead, the newly harvested fruit is taken directly to the vats the moment it arrives from the vineyards and is then deposited by gravity into tank. The result keeps the grapes fully intact, thus removing risk of oxidation or bruising.


Integral vinification

Our best plots are vinified directly in barrel, bypassing our vats altogether, with French oak positioned vertically to allow for gravity filling. Each day during fermentation, we manually press the grape must in order to extract all potential colour and flavours of the year’s harvest. It is a method used for our best plot selection that is then integrated into our Grands Vins : Château de Chambrun & Château de Chambrun "Le Bourg".